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If you don’t have an active account with us, the following forms will be required in order to rent equipment:

  • Credit Card Authorization Form – Before we deliver aerial lift equipment, for non-account holders, all rentals must be paid via credit card. 

  • Certificate Of Insurance (COI) – Before we deliver any aerial lift equipment, this form needs to be in place. Please download the COI requirements and send to your insurance agent. 

  • Ongoing Account Application – If you wish to establish an ongoing aerial equipment rentals account with DC Rentals, we must have this information filled out with your signature. Please note this form does not guarantee a revolving credit line. The first rental will be required to be paid via credit card.

  • Upon completion of these forms, you may email them to or fax them to (203) 483-0862

  • Customer Responsibility: Daily service & cleaning, lubrication, insurance, fill batteries daily, tire damage, engine oil, equipment damage, and battery damage. Customer “must” call to terminate rental. Charges will be applied if the machine is not properly maintained, returned dirty, or in damaged condition.

  • Things to consider: Ground or surface hazards, holes, slopes (grade of the ground), ramps, drop-offs, ruts, depressions, puddles (may be hiding a pothole), mud, septic tanks, manhole covers, sidewalks, curbs, rocks, speed bumps, etc. Avoid electrocution by maintaining a minimum safe distance of 10 ft from all overhead power lines and always assume that the lines are energized. 

  • Rental Duration: A monthly rental is comprised of 28 days (4 Weeks).

    For OSHA aerial lift safety guides, click here.

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