Jeffrey Whalen, Project Superintendent of Shawmut Design and Construction’s North Haven branch nominated DC Rental’s New England Sales Kim St. John for Women in Construction Week.

“I met Kim at the Yale 2 Science Park project. Kim stopped by the site and dropped off some information for construction equipment rentals. She had explained that she had just recently started in the construction industry after working for many years in the corporate world. I instantly became very intrigued by the fact that she would make such a bold and significant career change. Having been in the construction industry for 42 years, it is amazing to see the difference from then to now. Forty-two years ago, it was not commonplace to see women in the construction industry. Frankly, I can’t recall working with any. However, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with many people over the years and found that some of my most successful projects have been driven by the leadership and team effort by women in the industry. I felt that Kim’s insight being new to this industry was a very interesting story. Thank you for sharing your story Kim and all of the support you have given our projects.”

Below is Kim’s interview.

Your journey of how You started into the construction industry and Your accomplishments along the way.

I started in the industry exactly one year ago. Coming from the corporate sales and customer support sector, diving into aerial equipment rental and construction was exciting yet challenging to say the least. DC Rentals provided amazing training, the right tools and the full support I needed to go out in the field and rent equipment. One year later, I have met amazing hard-working people, walked into incredible projects from start to finish and can say that not every day is the same. I have enjoyed the adrenaline rush, construction knowledge and a career that has no limits.

How many years have you been in the business and what are you currently working on.

Exactly one year in the construction industry – aerial lift equipment rentals. The focus is to grow our New England presence.

Where would you like your career to expand in the future? 

I absolutely look forward to continuing to expand into Mass and Rhode Island as well as Westchester, NY.

Any other special thoughts Or opinions about the industry or the role of WIC that you would like to share with our team.

The response from the field has been mostly positive and encouraging. At times, things can be challenging especially when you walk into a job trailer and encounter “12 angry men” – LOL – but then you take it as it comes and move on and learn from every experience. I enjoy learning daily and the time most people take to talk and explain things to me.